Information Center for people with disabilities and their relatives.

Our councelors are professionals who are disabled themselves (Peer Counseling). The services of the information center „EUTB Selbstbestimmt Leben Köln“ are provided only in German. It does not matter, if you are a person with a disability yourself or if you are seeking information for somebody else, „EUTB Selbstbestimmt Leben Köln“ is the right place for you to get information about independent living and the rights that people with disabilities have.

Our services are free and additional to other service centers. We are independent of any service provider or funding agency, which might have financial interests. We councel in the German language exclusively. If you require counceling in a different language, please be sure to bring an interpreter.

Our counselling has an hollistic approach. So please feel free to bring any questions regarding disability. We will listen to you and take your request seriously. Please contact us if you want to apply for any kind of assistance or benefit or if you want to talk about your disability, your personal situation and your possibilities. Independent living – that’s what we strive for!